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HR Innovation and Tech Fest New Zealand by Peek Exhibition

The HR Innovation and Tech Fest is a unique trade show with a range of interesting and engaging “pod” design displays for exhibitor booth space, rather than the regular traditional straight shell scheme walls.

In 2018 Peek Exhibition was approached by the HR Innovation and Tech Fest organizing team to design and build this trade show for the first time in Auckland, New Zealand.

Using the concepts supplied from prior offshore events, Peek worked alongside their organizing team to make adjustments and re-create this in Auckland, with a new floor plan.

The complex floor plan that incorporated varying pod designs and numerous custom builds made for an interesting and engaging exhibition.

The HR Innovation and Tech Fest team were extremely pleased with the final result and engaged Peek again in 2019, to develop and expand the exhibition. With more exhibitors and bigger ideas, Peek worked alongside all partners to complete an engaging and visually diverse exhibition for 2019.

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