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Preferred Exhibition Supplier for Schneider Electric

Peek Exhibition has been the exhibition & trade show stand builder for Schneider Electric for many years in New Zealand. Throughout the year, Peek Exhibition assists with many other activation's, displays and business projects as well as trade & consumer shows, providing Schneider Electric with a range of services and solutions.

Peek supply a range of materials and assist in the creation and design of these products for whatever the need may be.

For the Conztruct show, we provided fabric system counters and fabric walls which fits into a large duffle bag, it is light weight and can be easily set up by the client. Schneider Electric’s team can take this and assemble at small shows themselves.

Another item Peek created is the Schneider custom "ON" Symbol. This is used as a centre piece at many of their shows. When not used at an event, it is displayed at Schneider NZ head office.

From custom design stands, custom plinths, TV Towers at client seminars and more, there are a wide variety of display solutions Peek Exhibition has designed and created to suit each need.

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