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First time exhibiting? Here are some points to think about.

For a first-time exhibitor, it may be a daunting task and you don’t know where to start. Let us help you with some suggestions to consider and discuss with your exhibition or display supplier.

1. Budget & Brief

Listing your display space requirements, including any specific products or equipment requiring attention, is key to us understanding your needs clearly. Likewise, determining a budget for your stand is the quickest route to achieving your stand goals affordably.

Knowing what you must have on the stand and what you can afford to invest, will help us as the exhibition suppliers understand what we can achieve within that budget and design accordingly.

We will then be able to make an accurate recommendation and design that’s affordable to you and covers your display needs promptly.

2. Furniture

Furniture is usually a basic requirement. It can set the tone of your stand. You can opt for lounge furniture to have a comfortable seated conversation or bar leaners that allows for faster flow of people through your stand. You can also choose just leaners with no seating if you are intending for short standing conversations.

Consider your storage needs. As there is usually limited space, storage often gets overlooked. Book in a counter or bench seat that has some storage space for your team to hide bags and charge phones.

3. Graphics

Good quality, high resolution graphics will help create maximum impact for your stand. Graphics will not only catch the attention and engage your audience, but they communicate your business or brand story and sell your product or services, which is why you are exhibiting.

Bright colours and stand out graphics make a big difference. 

4. Lighting

Lighting on the stand is extremely important. Dependant on the venue, lighting makes a world of difference. From spot lights, LED strip lighting, lightboxes to overhead lighting, it changes the look and feel of a stand. If you have graphics on your walls, as a minimum, we would recommend to have long arm spotlights to highlight each graphic panel. 

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